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How did WE get involved?

We participated in the Sustainable Development Challenge where we developed and grew our idea into the project it is today. We ended up receiving the grand prize of $5000 which really helped us make our project a reality.   


The Sustainable Development Challenge is an amazing way to help your community while affecting the 17 Global Goals. If you are in the Okanagan area you can sign up for next year's Sustainable Development Challenge and pick your goals. If your not, you can see what challenges, grants, and resources are available in your area.


How can YOU get involved with OUR project?

Here are 4 ways you can get help us:


Be an advocate in your school! Let people know what's happening around them.


Ask what's happening in your school, or in your own classroom.


Expand what you know about animal dissection.


Contact us if you have any questions or need any guidance. We would love to help!

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