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Over the next few years, we aim to reduce the amount of dissection in our school by replacing them with alternative technologies. Currently, we are drafting a Student Choice Policy, where students will have the choice to opt out of physical animal dissections. They will then be able to use alternatives so they will be receiving an equal education. Not only does this save hundreds of animals a year, but it is also cost-effective and reduces our environmental footprint. Dissection in schools leads to students thinking of animals as tools for our use and drives many students away from careers in science.



We are working with the Society For Humane Sciences so that we can put a Student Choice Policy in place for our district. The Society For Humane Sciences has learning packages so that teachers can give their students the same, if not better, level of education. Along with that, we are also buying multiple apps from different providers that the students can explore. We have been in contact with the superintendent of SD23 and the school board trustees so we can work together to create an Administrative Procedure for animal dissection alternatives.

You can do this too. Talk to your science teachers, talk to your school, and contact us. 

 ''They won't learn much with their eyes closed because they're disgusted,''

-Amy Richards

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